Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Best of British


pimages/BATCH 1.jpgWhen we think of one British music band that swept the nation and will remain one of the best all time bands in history there is only one name that pops up, The Beatles. Not only were they successful in the UK but also worldwide.  Here at Collage Gifts we understand that people who come and visit Britain understand the importance of the Beatles to the nation’s identity. We have the best memorabilia and the perfect British gifts. Make your visit to London memorable and take a bit of the Beatles back with you. We have the following available in the Beatles collection;

pimages/MUG3.jpgBeatles ball pen
Tin totes
T towels
Timeless tins

As you can see we have vast variety of products available both in our London gift shop or to purchase online. Please note we offer free delivery in Zones 1 and 2. And any of our products are at reduced prices only for a short while. 

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